Escrow Services

Escrow Services Closing Department

American Land Title Company offers complete escrow closing services for sales, refinances or 1031 Exchange closings.

Basic Closing Fee: $700.00

Refinance Base Closing Fee: $400.00

Some frequently asked questions:

  What is a closing agent?
    A closing agent is a disinterested third party that follows the instructions of your lender, realtor, attorney or buy-sell agreement to complete the sale or purchase of your property.
  What does a closing agent do?
    An agent gathers information from many sources to create the final Settlement Statement such as payoff information, tax information, deed preparation and commission amounts.
  What happens at the actual closing?
    The closing officer will explain all documents to you and answer any questions you have. You will then sign the necessary papers and the closing officer will notarize them.
  What happens after the closing?
    The records will be searched again and then the new documents will be recorded to change title. Disbursement happens after recording, so if closing happens in the afternoon, recording might happen the next morning.